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Miniature Gardens
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esearch has shown that looking at greenery (plants, flowers and trees) help to relieve pent-up stress and relaxes the eyes and mind. However, many people live and work in small cramped spaces. Their work or living areas may not even have windows, much less greenery. That's why small potted plants are so popular. It's a great way to add color and life to an otherwise "dead" desk or room. This idea is an extension of potted plants - creating various sizes of garden-like displays of live plants for hospital sick rooms, boxes for balconies, rooftop planters, offices and residences.

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Number one requirement for this home-based business is green thumbs. If you're like many people and plants die when you take care of them, you might not be the person for this! There is hope though. You could attend a couple of classes on plant care or gardening. Research is an important part of this money maker. You will need to know what plants are sturdy and can grow in areas with limited sunlight and what can't. Then it's up to your creativity to make your miniature gardens a sight to behold! If you buy your plants in bulk at a plant nursery or wholesaler or you grow them yourself, you can lower your costs significantly. Sell your miniature gardens at local marketplaces or fairs. Remember - it's all in the packaging. Packaging your miniature gardens with plant care products, you can increase your markup and your profits!

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