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Mobile Hairdresser
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eople always ask my wife why she prefers such a short hair-do when she looks so gorgeous with long hair. Her answer is always one of two : she's too busy and she hates to look for parking. I imagine lots of people don't visit their hairdresser as often as they'd like to for the same reasons. We're just too busy with our jobs and taking care of our families to find the time out for a trip to hairdresser - until we start looking really haggard and there's just no escaping it - we need a hair cut! Well, if the customer can't go to the hairdresser, why not bring the hairdresser to the customer?

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Two enterprising hairstylists in Kuala Lumpur did just that. They bought a small second-hand bus, stripped out all the seats and very cleverly reburbished it, transforming it into a mobile hair salon big enough to fit both of them and two customers at a time, plus the essential hair dressing equipment. And the verdict? Customers just love it! They cleverly marketed their service to busy executives and housewives. They would make regular scheduled stops at busy office areas on different days of the week, but two days a week are reserved for appointments - where they would travel to their busy clients homes. If that's not enough, they serve cold drinks and you get to bring your own CD to play on their little HiFi as you enjoy your session. Word has it that they're such a hit they have plans to expand to other cities.

There's a bit of investment involved in this idea - you would have to get a mini van or bus (or a big one if you're thinking big) and then there's the cost of refurbishing it. Don't forget that you have to get the vehicle approved by your local Transport Department and any other authorities that govern mobile businesses in your country. A mobile hairdressing salon can also be an extension of your already established fixed location hair dressing salon. There are lots of ways to set up your mobile hair dressing salon. You could only provide the basic hair cut, thereby reducing the need for equipment space and increasing the number of seats. A bright exterior can help attract attention and so can a plexi glass wall, where passersby can see what's happening inside. Curiosity leads to walk-in customers!

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