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Specialty Book Store
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ook stores are a great place to look for free information. With competition getting so fierce, every book store tries to cram as wide a variety of books onto their shelves, but there's no way they can ever have every book available. Specialty book stores came into being because of this. Enterprising owners find a niche that needs to be filled and they meet those needs. A good example is a book store called Page One in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The owners saw a need for good, qualilty books on design - graphic, industrial, fine art and architectural and they sourced for such books overseas. Going by the number of customers that walk into their store daily, I'd say they have a solid grip on their niche.

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Similarly, if you're into books and you don't really want to go into the mainstream market, you could always look for a niche to fill. It could be anything that's popular - cooking, IT, law or even computer games. It helps if you have a keen interest in the niche that you're thinking of targetting because you'll need to know what type of books your customers will be looking for. Then, armed with your list, you'll need to source for the books. You may be thinking that many of these books are available in mainstream book stores, but what you're aiming for is to be THE one-stop shop for ANY book in your niche.

This business will require a fair amount of investment simple because quality books don't come cheap. Then there's the cost of establishing your store - which includes renovation, marketing and promotions and staff costs. Reputation and money will grow as you establish yourself as THE place to go to for specialty books. If you don't think you can swing the investment needed for a big setup, you could always start on a moderate scale. Remember that even mainstream book stores don't confine themselves to selling books. In a similar way, you do not need to confine yourself to just books. For example, lets say you're thinking of selling books on baking. You could also supply specialty baking products and conduct specialized baking courses. All these complement each other and helps to build your reputation not only as a Specialty Book Store, but as THE specialty supplier for your niche.

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