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Boarding Kennels
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f you have a farm or a large enough area, you can open a boarding kennel to house pets when the owner leaves for a vacation or is unable to care for their pets. Pets are provided with their own “suites,” often with their own sleeping areas and a small play area. You are also responsible for feeding the pets and providing medication, if needed. Premium services may also include pet grooming services and luxurious pamperings for clients who are willing to pay for all the extras.

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If you plan to open a boarding kennel, your first responsibility would be to check your local animal authority. Most countries will require proprietors of boarding kennels to follow strict guidelines in addition to health and business licenses. The size of your operation will have to depend on your location. If you live near your neighbours, you might want to limit the number of pets you care for. One of the concerns about operating this kind of service is noise and odours. A representative form your local authority will likely visit your premises to check that you have met the required standards before he okays the issuance of your business license. Certain countries may also require that owners of pet-care services have the appropriate qualification.

If you can get through all the red-tape that comes with starting this sort of business, then you can think of marketing your services. Flyers and posters in your local pet stores will be good for starters, but placing an ad in your local business directory or popular pet magazines will give you much mor exposure. However, the best promotion you can give your Boarding Kennels business is word of mouth from a satisfied client.

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