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Training Video Producer
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ne of the best training systems I've ever experienced in my life is while working as a trainer in McDonald's. What made their training impressive and memorable was it combined 2 critical components - a standard set of procedures coupled with theoretical, practical training with video presentations. Every procedure was demonstrated in detail in the videos, and emulated in each and every store around the world. Standardized methods and procedures translated into increased efficiency, shorter training and orientation time and finally, more profits. Companies that recognize the benefits of training videos eventually reap the long term benefits.

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Many small and medium sized companies place much emphasis on group training. This is very time consuming in terms of staff employed on training tasks. Offering a 'training video' service will attract such customers. A training session is 'video recorded' and the company uses this to impart the required skills to groups of their employees. Every company or organization can make use of training videos. Effective training videos do NOT have to have live action, although it does help make the video more interesting. An effective video training presentation is one where the trainee can remember and understand.

As a Training Video Producer, you will need effective communication skills, be able to work with all sorts of people as well as technical know-how to operate the various audio and visual equipment. That's if you are planning to run a small, tight operation. However, good training videos takes lots of work, and usually involves many other people with different skills sets from video shooting and editing, lighting and audio, script writing and editing, talent management and marketing. Much like the producer of other films or videos, as a Training Video Producer, you will be the one who manages all these aspects.

To start off, you may want to target medium sized companies where training is a critical aspect of their day-to-day operations, for example safety instruction videos for construction companies and service videos for hotels. Many industries hire foreign labour, so being able to produce videos in multiple languages can be a big plus. Unless you make a big catch and manage to snare a large client, the number of jobs you secure will dictate whether or not you can hire full-time staff. It will probably be more cost effective to hire part-timer only when you need them. This lowers your costs tremendously. Remember, you don't HAVE to have a big setup to produce quality training videos. If you're skilled in animation and slide presentations, then this can very well be your launch platform into this business. Clients also realize that their standards may change with time and it may be more prudent to produce simple, straightforward videos instead of professional quality ones. Go for the smaller fish first and as you build up your skills, network and reputation, start gunning for the big ones.

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