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Personal Coach
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t's a tough world we live in. It seems like there are a thousand and one skills that we are expected to master in order to perfom effectively at work and in our relationships. Now, we all know that its impossible to be perfect, but we also know that there are lots of areas in our lives that fall short of our expectations. If we can live with these shortcomings, it's okay, but very often these imperfections become an obsession and a stumbling block to our enjoyment of life.

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Personal coaching has become very popular in the past decade and it continues to be extremely popular. A personal coach offers one on one assistance, advice, encouragement and other forms of personal support to individuals. Your job is to help your clients gain confidence and competence in areas such as social skills, time management, personal productivity, anger and stress management and even public speaking. You basically provide a live, personal, self-help course to your clients and help them achieve things that they otherwise might not be able to achieve without the guidance, motivation and planning of a coach. As a Personal Coach, you basically act as a mentor and confidante to your client.

While there are no certification or guidelines to pass to become a personal coach, you DO need to have empathy, excellent learning skills and the ability to inspire, motivate and encourage others. Start up costs can be minimal, depending on the kind of equipment you already have (computer, fax, Internet access are a must) and the marketing strategy that you will employ. How you determine your fee depends on how you organize your program. You could charge a basic fee for the first session of the first set of sessions. During these initial sessions, you gather all the information you can about your client and talk about his or her needs. The fee for subsequent consultations can vary based on the length of program. First year personal coaches have been known to earn between $40,000 to $70,000, but these depend on many factors.

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