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Portable Pool Rental
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veryone loves to take a dip in a swimming pool every now and then, especially during the summer months or when the whether's hot and humid. People often go to the nearest swimming pool but the problem with most public swimming pools, is you have to keep to their schedule. Maybe all you want is a medium sized pool that you can soak in after work or for the kids to splash in during the holidays. Wouldn't it be great if you could have a pool anytime you wanted? That's where this money making ideas comes in.

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A Portable Pool Rental service means you provide small to medium sized pools to clients who only need it for a couple of weeks, months or for a special occasion. You would be targetting families during the school holidays, couples during the summer months, parents who want to provide a splash pool during a birthday party and company picnics. Medium sized pools measuring anywhere from 10 to 20 feet in diameter can be obtained from your local sports store. They can cost up to a couple hundred dollars (depending on size and set-up) but it's a one-time investment. You will easily cover this cost with about 5 rentals. Thereafter, it's profit all the way.

It's easy to market your Portable Pool Rental service. Flyers and posters are a start, but placing an ad in your local paper or popular magazines will probably get you more calls. When people see how economical and fun it is to rent a pool only for the months that you need it, they'll be sure to give you a call. Remember to imprint your contact number on the side of the pool where people can easily see it. The good thing about these kinds of pools is that they can be folded, so when they're not needed, you don't require much storage space and they can easily be transported in a car boot. Depending on the size of the pool, you may need a helping hand to do the set-up. You don't need specialized knowledge in how to set up these portable pools, but being a DIY type person will definitely help.

Next, you must consider the legal aspects of providing this service. You should provide your clients with a copy of the pool's maintenance and safety instructions. Be sure to run through the critical points with your customers and ask them to sign a declaration stating they have received a set of the instructions and understood them. Have your customers inspect the pool's structure and setup and ask any questions they may have. Remember to write down all the adjustments that they have requested and you have made. Also remember to include a disclaimer and have your customers sign a waiver that states you are not to be held responsible for any mishap that arises out of the improper use of the swimming pool. Seems like a lot of paper work, but this paper work will help to protect you in the event a mishap occurs due to misuse or abuse of the pool. You might also want to consider getting insurance that provide limited coverage to you and your customers. This way, if anything happens to your pool and it is rendered unusable, you are covered.

Another good point to remember is to disinfect your pool after each rental and before filling it up with water. This gives your customers added assurance that you've covered the safety and health aspects. This is a great business you can run part-time. Since the pool setup won't take much time (other than waiting for the water to fill up), you can keep your full time job and make your setup appointments in the evenings or weekends. Make sure you store your unused swimming pools in a safe place where they won't be accidentally damaged. After the first couple of rentals and you've covered the cost of the pool, you'll be swimming in money! Plus, you get to use any unrented pool for yourself during the summer months!

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