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Button Badges
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utton badges are universal. They're small, unobtrusive, but they also make a big statement about whatever it is you want to make. They've a popular promotional item that people give to their customers and clients and at events, fundraisers and gatherings. Many people also collect button badges as a hobby. They come in all sizes, are mostly colorful and can be either hand printed or embossed with a standard design.

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Badge machines are relatively cheap to buy. Firms who supply them can usually supply the blank badges and designs you require as well. There are a couple of ways to make your button badges stand out. If your're located in a popular tourist spot, you might want to consider hand-painting them. It's more difficult to paint button badges by hand, but the great thing about doing it this way is your customers get to personalize them in whatever way they want - from the type of picture, to the choice of colors to what they want to say. Another way would be to print your designs with a computer and then insert them into the button badges. These images can be anything from popular places to even personalized photos of your customers. The thing to remember about button badges is that "different" sells. Everyone can produce millions of cheap, unimaginative badges, but the button badge that's been customized and hand painted - those are the ones that fetch a handsome price.

If you intend to go into it in a fairly big way, that will mean investing in automatic or semi automatic machines that can produce anywhere up to 1000 badges per hour. These machines can cost up to a thousand dollars but you will probably be able to source for a second hand unit on the internet. Going into this business in a big way also means finding corporate clients or sourcing for large orders. You might also need to take on a helping hand or two. A typical small shop setup will include your badge maker, your badge supplies, a laptop and software (to easily create your designs for the various sizes of badges) and a color printer. You'll want to display as many of your badges because their colors will help attract customers. However, if you just fancy a fun, weekend money maker, a simple button badge maker is small enough that you can carry it in a large bag or trunk and lug it to wherever you want to set up shop. Any way you choose, making button badges for money is simple and can be done by anyone.

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