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Inflatable Bouncers
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ne of the easiest ways to draw visitors to an event is to provide lots of fun activities for children. And one of the most popular kiddie attractions is Inflatable Bouncers. These come in all shapes and sizes, from small 10 by 10 foot bouncer to huge play area bouncers shaped like castles and space ships. Kids love them - they get to run, climb and bounce in them to their hearts delight. Inflatable Bouncers are also a fun thing to have at company picnics and birthday parties.

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There are many companies that produce Inflatable Bouncers. If you're constrained by budget, then you could source for second-hand Inflatable Bouncers for sale. Second hand Inflatable Bouncers may be a good idea because you might be able to get a few for the price of a brand new one. This means you get to offer a variety of bouncers right off the bat. One critical thing to consider when you get second-hand Inflatble Bouncers is whether it's in good condition. Safety should be your primary concern.

Brand new Inflatable Bouncers are better if you have the budget for it. There are many companies that manufacture brightly colored and creatively designed bouncers. They may cost a bit, but remember that this is a one-off expense. The rental fee that you charge over a few months should cover your initial cost and then, it's profit all the way - minus the occasional maintenance and miscellaneous costs. The beauty of this business is that you can run it from home. You DO need a fairly large storage area though but if you have a large garage or a couple of empty rooms, they can be used to store your unused Inflatable Bouncers. An alternative would be to build a makeshift shed to store them, but you need to make sure that they're cool and dry. Even though Inflatable Bouncers are made of highly durable material, high temperatures and weather CAN slowly affect them.

Two other costs that you will have in running this business is staffing and transportation. Inflatable Bouncers even when properly packed, are pretty large and take up a bit of space. You might be able to transport one (or two if you're lucky) in you car or van, but you if you want to transport them all in one trip, then be prepared to invest in a fairly large van or truck. Setting up and storing Inflatable Bouncers usually requires at least 2 people, so you will need some help. If you have multiple rentals at any one time, you will obviously need more staff to be on standby. They need to be trained how to deal with any problems that occur with the Inflatable Bouncers - although this doesn't happen often. Making sure children use the bouncers properly will probably be your biggest headache. Kids like to rush and too many children on the bouncers at any one time can be dangerous. Sometimes, the event organizers will have helpers on duty to watch over the children. If not, then it is your responsibililty to ensure there are people on standby.

Inflatable Bouncers can last many years with proper handling and maintenance. And since this can be run as a part-time business, you will be raking in large profits after settling the initial cost of your Inflatable Bouncers.

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