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Snow Removal Service
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hen winter comes, along with the cheery sight of kids having snowball fights and making snowmen is the problem of heavy snowfall. Then, that wonderfully white fluffy stuff becomes pesky, dangerous sludge that blocks the driveway, covers the yard and buries the car. Removing snow isn't really a problems if you have a small driveway and yard, but it certainly becomes a mega chore if you own a sizeable home. It's a tiring job but it has to be done unless you want to spend your whole day trapped indoors. It's one of those back-breaking jobs that people don't like doing. It's cold, it's tough and you have to do it over again when it snows.

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However, snow presents a great way to earn extra money for strong students on their winter break. All you need is a good sturdy snow shovel and salt. A strong back and muscle power (if you have it) helps an awful lot too. The shovel's for clearing snow from your customers driveways and anywhere else that needs clearing, and the salt's for spreading onto the cleared area. Simple but tiring job, especially if you have a full day's snow shovelling to do. You could get permissiont to place advertisement leaflets in your local convenience stores or community bulletins boards, but if you're thinking zero-cost, then the only other alternative is going door-to-door. To get a headstart on your competitors, why not do the asking before winter itself. Pass out your number to the homes in your neighbourhood and give them a discount for calling you. Good way to make "cold" hard cash...

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