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Efficiency Expert
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fficiency and effectiveness are hallmarks of profitable companies. Not every company is like that though. CEOs understand that the key to optimal profits in highly competitive markets is to make sure the company runs like clockwork. This is especially so if there are production goals that have to be met regularly. As an efficiency expert, you will station yourself at a company for any given period to carefully monitor how things are done and to analyze what their operational and/or administrative bottlenecks are. You will interact with workers of all levels to get to know their jobs, and if and how their productivity can be improved. Your job is to minimize the steps involved in processes. In a sense, you are a detective looking for answers to the big question : "How can this company achieve more in a more cost effective way". At the end of your appraisal, your will produce a detailed report to be presented to the management of the company on how operations can be improved.

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To be an Efficiency Expert, you should ideally have a broad background in business operations and management with a keen eye for detail. After all, your job may involve understanding the many small problems contributing to a larger operational bottlenecks that ultimately impact a company's profitabililty. You will need the ability to communicate effectively at all levels, and the ability to spot potential problems and time wasters before they occur. For your time and effort, you will be getting big buck so you have to convey the idea that your're worth every penny you are being paid - so watch your image and always give 110 percent. Patience is also an attribute that will come in handy as you will be dealing with people from all levels and with all sorts of characters.

Start up expenses will be relatively low (in the 5-10,000 range) but you should do quite well when you consider what you might be able to earn if you're good at what you do. You'll need a basic office setup and lots of good resource materials to help workers achieve greater effectiveness. While some corporate moguls will hire you to tell them what's wrong with their organization, they may not acutally be willing to listen. You'll need to be clear from the beginning that you are offering your professional opinions and advice so that your personal liability will be kept in check. Typical fees can range from $75 to $100 per hour or on a weekly or monthly flat fee. To get your service rolling, you can advertise in trade publications, yellow pages, direct mail, business newspapers, banner ads on small business web sites.

This is a business where your reputation counts. Do a good job by increasing a company's productivity and you will be sure that word of mouth will get you tons of referrals.

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