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Adult Day Care
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ost people are familiar with daycare centers for children, but are not aware that there is a rising need for day care for adults. Adult day care centers are ideal to working people who want to care for their parents but cannot do so full-time. This need has become more evident as women seek full time employment to fullfil their own aspirations or just to help make ends meet. By having the aging parents cared for during the daytime, people can concentrate on their work and daytime commitments.

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If you love to be around seniors, you'll enjoy the opportunity to do so daily with an Adult Day Care Center. You will also fulfill a very urgent need for quality care for senior citizens. You can start up an Adult Day Care if you meet the zoning requirements set by your local government body or your community. This idea works best if you have a large yard and extra rooms (a furnished basement will do nicely) for indoor and ourdoor activities. Your main start up costs will be marketing your service. Classifieds advertising, bulletin boards, community and parent groups are an effective way of building word of mouth. You large expenses will come in the form of renovation to your home to meet with regulations. You may also need to apply for relevant permits and licenses and have your home inspected before your begin operating. It IS possible for you to opt not to be licensed or carry insurance. This means that you operate more or less on a "personal service" kind of way, but be cautious about taking this approach. In the long run, you are also in this as a business to make money, so it may be best to do things properly and cover yourself for any eventuality.

One other consideration is whether you need helpers. You may be able to handle the needs of up to four seniors but if you intend to take on more than that, then you must consider taking on extra staff. Then again, this depends very much on whether your seniors are still mobile and active or whether they are dependent on you for their basic needs such as during meals and visits to the toilet.

The daily administration of your Adult Day Care Center may be easy compare with the challenges of meeting the "emotional" needs of your clients AND their children. Your clients WILL be fussy about how their parents are taken care of and about specific needs, so don't go into this business unless you are someone with load of patience who understands and can emphatize with people (seniors and juniors alike). Remember also to be very specific about your pick-up and payment due schedules. If you don't guard your personal time with your family, you can easily be taken for granted and be asked to care for parents at odd times and extended periods. Remember that this IS a business and you'll be fine.

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