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Home Health Care Service
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s more and more people are living in double income famililes, there is a growing need for high quality home health care services for the elderly. While most of this care can be given on a as-needed basis for the able-bodied seniors who only need help from time to time, there are those who will need more attention. You may be working as much as five or six days per week caring, feeding, bathing, dressing and providing companionship even on a 24/7 basis for the elderly as they move on through the twilight phase of their lives.

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One of the most profitable ways to run a home health care business is to manage a team of home health care aides and take a percentage of their pay instead of doing the work and going out on calls yourself. This way, you have the flexibility of overseeing a bigger number of clients while juggling your own family's needs. Employing others allows you so much more freedom to concentrate on special cases or growing your business. However, there are problems with employing health care aides. The first is the screening process. You want to make sure that you employ trustworthy people. Make sure you do the necessary background checks. Don't take short cuts or scrimp on this phase. You want health care aides with a clean record. When you have a team of people you can depend on, you'll also sleep a lot better yourself, knowing that your clients will receive the best possible care from people who approach their jobs with compassion, understanding, kindness and empathy. When you find such people, make sure you keep them with excellent leadership, management and remuneration.

Not everyone is capable of providing this specialized service effectively and reputably. The most important ingredient for your Home Health Care Service is a deep compassion for others. Yes, you are running a business, but you must remember that it is your level of compassion that will set you apart from other similar services. Growth of your business should come when people recognize you as a compassionate care giver. Organizational skills are also important to run this service effectively. You cannot manage a team of health care aides and clients plus their list of needs without a good way to store and track all the information. So even though you may be running this service from your home, you will need to invest in a good computer and some sort of database software. Another critical requirement is to make sure you and your aides have good, dependable transportation. When your clients need you, the last thing you want is to have your car break down. So this also means that you will need to consider some sort of transportation maintenance allowance for your team.

Setting up a Home Health Care Service can take a lot of time and effort - although you will surely reap the rewards in due time. However if you don't fancy going through the set up process and dealing with competition yourself, there are many Home Health Care providers who offer franchise opportunities. Going the franchise way can eliminate a lot of headaches during your first year as the main franchisor will have proper training and systems already in place. Since it is such a competitive industry, name recognition and start up support can very well be worth the initial investment of joining a Home Health Care franchise.

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