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rganizations looking to work with federal of state governments, cities, counties and special districts usually need to to respond to a Request For Proposal (RPF), by submitting a formal plan in writing. It takes special skills to write effective proposals (especially when it involves official government contracts) so businesses usually contract out this task to a specialist Proposal Writer. Charity organizations are examples of those that hire Proposal Writers to help them establish relationship with private foundations. Whatever the case, the proposal must conform to the requirements set out by the RFP, outlining in detail the methods to be used, needs to be met, all the necessary financial information and expected outcomes of the project.

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Many Proposal Writers are generalists, able to write proposals for a wide range of projects, but some prefer to focus on a field where they have specialized knowledge, such as education or health care administration. To be a good Proposal Writer, you will obviously need good writing skills, clear organization, logical exposition and excellent grammar. Aptitude with numerical data in graphs and spreadsheets is also a necessary skill. You also need substantial knowledge of the regulations governing formal proposals, knowledge of technology and industy and the ability to write clearly and logically. Advertising your business is by networking, direct mail, web site with references or testimonials. Business savvy and good communication skills will come in handy as this work involves meeting with your client's staff who are planning the bid or funding request. Since you will need to produce professional documents that may include graphs, charts and tables, a computer and quality printer is a necessity. This is a very desk-intensive job, so make sure you have a comfortable work area.

Skilled Proposal Writers facilitate the link between clients and funding, whether it is a grant for an non-profit organization or a contract for business. If you love challenging work that involves constant learning and creative solutions, then you might just want to consider being a Professional Proposal Writer. It's also a great retirement money maker, especially for those who have experience in senior or consultancy positions because you can draw on your many years of experience. If you don't have the neceesary knowledge and experience, it is still possible to be a Proposal Writer although you will obviously have a steeper learning curve.

Pricing is always a challenge unless you set a sliding scale that reflects the complexity of each job, but for the most part, you can charge on an hourly or job basis. Your reputation and effectiveness of past proposals are a critical factor that determines whether you will have enough contracts to keep the work (and money) flowing in. The requirements to be a Proposal Writer may seem overwhelming, but one thing is for sure - for someone with the right knowledge and experience, this can be a lucrative money making activity - whether you do it full-time, part-time or freelance.

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