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Post Natal Care Network
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his takes the Post-natal Care and Post Natal Catering ideas one step further. It's quite common these days for moms to require help with feeding, changing and caring for their newborn child. It's very common for Chinese families in Asian countries to hire a "confinement lady" to cook specially prepared food for Mom. These dishes are prepared in a certain way with lots of herbs in the belief that they will help Mom recover her vitality quicker. Other than helping to take care of the baby when Mom is resting, many confinement ladies are also hired for their skills in body massage, which is believed to help Mom regain her pre-pregnancy figure.

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Finding a reliable and reputable Post Natal Care giver can be difficult. They are usually hired based on someone's recommendation and may or may not fully meet with the expectations of new parents. A Post Natal Care Network will mean that you build a database of Post-Natal Care givers. You will contact these care givers and if they agree to be part of your network, you will compile data such as age, cooking skills, references, experience and expected fee. You make your money by taking an agreed percentage of their fee. A Post Natal Care Network presents many advantages to both new parents and the care-givers themselves. New parents will have a much wider selection of care-givers and can select the one that best suits their needs and care givers do not have to look for clients on their own. Once your database of care givers and clients is established, it is just a matter of making sure it's continually updated. Another advantage of a Post Natal Care Network is that you include people who specialize in specific areas such as post-natal meal preparation, massage treatments, facial and skincare treament and fitness. With a wide network of specialist, you will be able to meet any need that a new Mother may have.

Remember that you are the middleman. All negotiations are to be handled by you. Meetings may be arranged between clients and care-givers prior to the birth of the baby. Care givers are usually mothers who have their own families to care for themselves and they need to make their own personal arrangements. Billing should only be handled by you. If personal deals are made between the care-givers and clients, it can complicated matters. However, it is commong for new parents to give their care-giver a personal gift. This is entirely between the care giver and client.

As your network grows, you will be in a position to make easy money. You only need to match clients to care-givers and facilitate a meeting between both parties. Once mutual agreement is achieved, you will bill your client after the agreed post-natal services have been rendered. You then make the agreed payment to the care-giver. Operating a Post Natal Care Network requires you to have good communication skills. It definitely helps if you are a patient and understanding person because you will be dealing with all sorts of people. Your clients will be more likely to be receptive to your recommendations if they feel comfortably convinced that you are a compassionate person who is places their well-being first before profits. Your money is in the database. A comprehensive database of service specialists and the ability to match client to care-givers is the key to profitability in this business.

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