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Vacation Rentals Broker
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vacation rentals broker keeps track of all the details related to renting property for distant owners. Many people with second homes rent them for the better part of the year, reserving a week or two for themselves and their families. Renting helps with the costs of this additional residence, but it also creates a number of headaches and problems that are very difficult for somone who lives far ways to deal with. YOur service finds renters, writes the rental contract, and makes sure that the agreementsa are carried out. You collect the rent, check for any damange, answer the million and one questions renters always have and generally keep an eye on things.

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Costs are minimal ; you just need an effective way to keep track of information and money. Your income depends directly on how mucht itme you put into the business. If you work hard and full time, expect to earn between 45K and 60K or more.

Consider becoming a vacation rentals broker if you live in an area that has a high appeal for renter and a large stock of available summer or winter homes to rent. Once you develop a reputation for dependability, referrals willbring other home-owners to you. The amount of advertising you will need to do will vary depending on your area and the presense or absence of competing services. Typical fees range from 10 to 15 percent of the rental.

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