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Freelance Writer
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f you are a wordsmith and you love writing, then you can make extra money freelancing, selling your skills to companies who require contract work to be done. It could be a series of writeups about the client's company or scripts for a documentary about them. Only a small percentage of freelancers with a portfolio of excellent work and skills make a living exclusively through contract work, but with the use of the Internet and freelance websites, your market is no longer confined to the borders of any particular country.

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Your portfolio will determine whether you work for peanuts or Fortune 500 companies. It's important to produce superb work everytime because you will never know who's going to read your work. You might just get a call from a big company offering you just the break you need.

Your biggest challenge will be managing client expectations with regard to both deadlines and the final product. Many clients have no idea how long it takes to write or edit a magazine article or book. It's up to you to acquaint them with reality.

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