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Home Schooling Consultant
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ore and more parents are considering home schooling their children as an alternative to the stressful and often maddening paper chase of regular schooling. With the increase in violence and social problems in public schools, it's understandable that parents would want to ensure that their children get the best schooling that they can in a safe and secure environment. There is also a growing acceptance in the religious community for home schooling as a means to protect fragile young minds from the "unsafe" secular teachings of the world. Even as more and more parents seek to be actively involved in their kids' daily lives, home schooling has become a welcome way to be directly involved in their personal and academic development and as a way to strengthen parent - child relationships. However, there are many types of home schooling methods and syllabus and finding the right one can be a daunting task.

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Communication, organization and the ability to juggle several things at once are needed in this field. Your job will be to set up the school curriculum and schedule classes for parents who seek to teach their children at home instead of in public or private schools. You could consult for a parent who doesn't want the child in the school system for religious or intellectual reasons or whose child has to be out of schools for a long period of time due to illness or injury. If you are establishing a new curriculum, you will need the ability to evaluate the child's skill level. If you are helping the sutdent who will be out for a long period, you will have to communicate wiht her school on a regular basis.

Start up is low after you have obtained your degree. Be prepared to buy books up-front and be re-imbursed for them later. Charging $45 per hour on a regular basis could earn you up to $45K per year. You may need to join a national, state or local education association program in order to get a job. This business allows for excellent, high standard teaching without all the hassles of dealing with a classroom. You don't have to answer to a boss and if you find you don't care for the environment, you can quit. Networking is a definite necessity, but with enough contacts, you could find yourself with year-round work.

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