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Ceramic Hand Prints
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hildhood is a time to be treasured - for both parents and children. Time goes by so fast and we get caught up in our busy day to day hustle and bustle that we often forget to stop and smell the flowers. Before you know it, our kids have all grown up and gone off to college and then to lead their own lives. When that happens, we begin to treasure all the memories and little things we've kept as reminders of that wonderful time. Suddenly photos, baby shoes, art projects and stuff that you did together become priceless objects.

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One of the best ways to capture and remember those precious memories our children as they were is to make ceramic hand prints. This is a technique where your child's hand or footprints are embedded into soft clay. The ceramic print may be customized any way you want, including any phrases, poems or designs. They are then baked in a kiln and glazed - exactly like other ceramic products. The result is a special moment frozen in time (ceramic) which you can keep.

Ceramic Hand Prints can be turned into a full time business, but they are usually offered as an added service by gift or craft stores. However, if you plan to run this as a side business during the weekends, then it can be a really fun way to make money and provide people with a treasured memory. You will need a kiln, supply of clay, art materials and sample designs to begin with. Making Ceramic Hand Prints requires a bit of learning at first, but the good thing is you can learn the skill. Pawprints and Pitterpats are two business opportunity providers that teach you how to create and market Ceramic Hand Prints.

It's possible to set up shop in a number of ways. If you run your Ceramic Hand Prints business part-time you could set up a small workshop in your garage where clients can drop by. Another way to increase your orders is to set up shop in a mall. The amount of space you need will also depend on the size of your kiln so remember that a large space also means your fixed cost increases. One work around to this problem is to set up a small kiosk where you can do the actual hand imprints on site. You can also perform any customization on the spot. The only difference would be that after your customer gives their okay, you will carefully pack their clay imprints in a crush proof container, to be tranported back to your home workshop for kiln firing and glazing. Your customer can then pick up their finished Ceramic Hand Imprints a couple of days later. Working this way also allows you to correct any mistakes that you may have missed in the imprints.

You can market your Ceramic Hand Prints with a Yellow Pages ad, flyers and posters. An occasional ad in popular parenting or family magazines will also help. Another great way is to work with local maternity clinics or hospitals. Offer to make imprints of little newborns at half price or at a discount. These can either be given to the new parents as a gift from the clinic. They can also be labeled with the baby's name and placed in strategic places in the clinic. Just remember to place a discreet label with your contact number on each Ceramic Hand Print. This is a fun way to make money and help parents preserve wonderful memories.

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