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Hand Crafted Chess Sets
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hess is a popular game that has millions of enthusiasts around the world. I don't play chess very well, but I DO love looking at chess sets. In fact I have friends who are more interested in collecting chess sets than they are in playing the game. Chess sets comes in all sorts of designs. They even make chess sets following recent fads like the ones with Transformers pieces in the shape of the Autobots and Decepticons.

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Making Hand Crafted Chess Sets is a niche that not everyone can get into, but if you have the creative skills and patience, it can be a very financially rewarding hobby turned business. Hand Crafted Chess sets can be made from wood, stone, marble, crystal or even scrap metal. It's more about producing works or art than it is about the game, but there have been stories about people who pay tens of thousands of dollars to have custom Hand Crafted Chess Sets made for friends, family and VIPs. Hand Crafted Chess Sets also make wonderfully classy (and expensive) corporate gifts.

Remember that your Hand Crafted Chess Set is a unique work of art. That means there is NO set price standard for it. If your designs are unique enough, you can set any price tag that you want. However, there are marketing costs that you need to consider and factor into your asking price. Good places to list your Hand Crafted Chess Set for sale would be eBay, hobby and chess sites and also gift sites. You can also offer your Hand Crafted Chess Set to be displayed in art exhibitions or chess related events. You could then place a little discreet sign that says "For sale" and make sure your contact details are displayed. Reputation comes with each Hand Crafted Chess Set that you sell. With any luck, you will get referral business from previous buyers (remember to include your contact details with each Chess set that you sell). If you're open for orders, there's good money in being able to produce custom orders. Such orders can be for specific designs of places, animals, people or family and friends. This is a business that you can run right from your home. All it takes is creativity and you can turn a hobby into a really nice side income.

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