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Education Finance Consultant
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here used to be a time when having a college Degree would guarantee a solid secure job. Then things changed and these days, Degrees are so common that to stand above the crowd, you need to have at least a Masters Degree, if not a PhD! Most parents don't realize that the cost of higher education has escalated to the point where even mortgaging a home may not even be sufficient to put one child through college. Even though there are many types of financial aid for education available, finding them is not as easy as your would think. Families need lots of help and guidance to prepare the paperwork and in locating the many sources of funding for which they qualify and can apply.

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As an Education Finance Consultant, you will be in great demand once you've established yourself as a solid, reputable service provider. Although some families seek financial aid to cover secondary and even elementary school tuition, the bulk of your business will focis on students entering college. Word of mouth from satisfied parents and students you have helped should bring you a continuous stream of new business year round. However, before you consider going into this field, you need to meet with 2 basic requirements - familiarity with all the financial aid options (where to find and apply for them) and excellent people skills. You will need to do lots of research both online and offline, so being comfortable with computers and the Internet is as important as being comfortable working with people. You will need to always be on the lookout for organizations, foundations and companies that offer scholarships and financial aid for education. That means scouring your local newspapers, education magazines and going to education fairs to speak to college admissions personnel.

Your main expense will be on computer equipment and broadband connection. You will also need the basic office communication tools - a phone and fax. Although the bulk of your business will come from networking and referrals, you will need to purchase a Yellow Pages listing and a few classified ads. Working part-time you could easily earn $15,000 by setting your flat rates for a financial aid search at anywhere from $150 - $500 per job. But be careful. You can eat up a lot of time surfing the Web, you may soon find that charging an hourly rate is more profitable.

Many parents are shocked when they first realize how much it costs to put a child through college. Financial aid is available, but the sources can be obscure and even the so-called "simple" forms for determining basic financial need are far from easy to decipher. With your extensive knowledge and better-than-average research skills, you can indentify the multitufe of special scholarships available to students with a specific cultural heritage, special academic interest, or other unusual characteristic. This is a rewarding money maker that you can run part-time, although as your reputation grows, you might just find that the income from being a Education Finance Consultant is far better than your day job!

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