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Personal Menu Service
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ost people know that eating right and proper nutrition is important. The problem is that people don't have a sound understanding of how to achieve it. Hectic schedules, uncompromising commitments at work and family responsibilities keep us so busy we hardly have time to have a proper meal with our loved ones, let alone prepare a nutritionally balanced and tasty dinner. And so it goes on and on until the problem manifests itself in health problems. That's where a Personal Menu Service can come in.

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If you have a solid background in nutritional science or experience in the food industry, you have the first ingredient to being a Personal Menu Service provider. Your job is to create weekly or monthly meal plans based on the specific requirements of your clients. Not only do individuals need such services, so do hospitals, retirements homes, schools, universities and restaurants. Admittedly, this is a service that everyone is going to want to pay for, so your target market may very well be the upper middle class or those with enough money to spend of a personal service like this.

Other than the cost of a computer an advertising, this business can be started on a shoestring. Surf the web for a wealth of recipes and menu ideas. Creating a steady stream of new menu ideas on a constant basis can become tedious, so look for creative away sto vary your menus with unusual foods and seasonal themes. Be aware that unless yo have a degree and the necessary credentials in dietetics, you may have difficulty selling your services so some institutions such as hospitals and schools. Any business that relates to food consumption has legal and health ramifications; be sure to check out your state's licensing requirements before embarking on this career.

Having said that, it's still possible for anyone who doesn't have the "paper" qualifications to get into this niche. You could provide your Personal Menu Service online for FREE. Create as many types of menus as you can for as many different categories of folk. Create menus for specific diets - carbo rich or protein rich for example. You could also create a resource-rich website and newsletter and offer your Personal Menu Service to your email subscription base for a nominal monthly fee. All those little amounts of money make up a huge mountain in the long run. Even if you don't want to charge any fee whatsoever for your menus and information, then you can earn money from sponsors and advertisers. The Health and Diet niche is a very lucrative one and if your Personal Menu Service or (website) is popular enough, you could be making healthy amounts of money!

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