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n today's fast paced world, people are so "always on the go" that they forget the little things like good manners. Good manners it seems, is only reserved for fancy dinners and special occasions where the big wigs gather. So learning good manners, proper etiquette and correct protocol ends up low on the list of things to do. Until they're actually needed that is! By then, you might find you have a hundred and one questions : Which fork do I use first? When do I use that spoon at the top of the plate? How do I address a person of royalty? How long and how should I respond to an official invitation to a formal dinner? How do I call the Duke of York's nephew?

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As an Etiquette/Protocol Consultant, you will teach people anything and everything from the basics of table etiquette to tips and advice on proper conduct when in the presence royalty. Being an Etiquette/Protocol Consultant requires that you are not only familiar with the hows and whys of proper etiquette but also that you practice what you preach.

The best way to make money as an Etiquette/Protocol Consultant is to compile your knowledge into specialized training modules for example, proper etiquette for formal dinners, protocol for written communication and protocol for dealing with royalty and VIPs. You'll want to market your courses to corporate clients and people who need to attend or host formal functions or even home dinner parties. Since your Etiquette/Protocol traning course are segmented into specialized modules, you can teach them in easy to manage one or two hour sessions. There's no fixed way on how to charge for these types of training. It woud largely depend on how comprehensive your course is and your reputation.

Your startup costs are so minimal, you needn't worry about whether it's proper to launch into business. Just make sure you have good reference materials for the questions that stump you - and leave a little extra so that you can actuallydo some entertaining that will allow your students to practice what you've preached. There's nothing like facing up to a real place setting with three forks and five spoons so separate the socially savvy from the clods. You'll love the authority and power of being a moral authority - but try not to let it go to your head. The last thing any one of your clients needs to encounter is a know-it-all. Be matter-of-fact, and try to inject some humor into your presentation. This is after all, only etiquette, not a matter of life and death!

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