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Government Contract Consulting
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hen organizations downsize, they generally don't retain full-time staff to handle the administration of government contracts even though these contracts bring in a fairly substantial income. Being a government contract consultant means you guide your corporate clients through the complex web of opportunities that come with securing government contracts. To be a Government Contract Consultant, you need to be familiar with the lingo that government agencies use. You also need to know the red tape involved in every transaction like the back of your hand. This specialized, but lucrative field also calls for you to have a wide network of contacts in the various departments and agencies in the government. Very often, success in this field is just as much about WHO you know and WHAT you know. Once you secure your first government contract, you will gain much experience to smooth the way for future work. Your reputation grows with each Government Contract that you secure for your clients, and with that reputation comes the ability to name your price. There will never be a shortage of companies willing to pay good money to find help in securing those hard to get government contracts.

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Your main startup expense will be equpping your office. You don't need a very big space to work in (since a lot of your work will take you out meeting your contacts) but you will need to make sure your office is cosy yet professional. You want to project the image of a competent and knowledgeable Government Contracts Consultant. Communication equipment should also be tops on your setup list because your business is about communication - sending it and receiving it on time!

Remember we said earlise that when it comes to securing government contracts, who you know is just as important as what you know. Hopefully, your're an insider already; if not, you'll need to sell yourself as one. Don't worry - as you begin to achieve success, you will definitely earn the title. To ensure positive relationships with your clients, you need to exercise good business sense from the get-go. Always remember to ask yourself the following questions: What approach to obtaining a government contract would be most appropriate for this particular client? How can I guide this specific business organizatioin through the process? YOu may often find yourself under a time crunch, but the fact that you are doing a lot of good for your clients each time you are successful should more than make up for the frequent and stringent deadline pressures. Not many people will have the skillset, knowledge and contacts to be able to succeed in this field, so if you do, you're in a business that could potentially make you very rich indeed!

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