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Business Incorporation Service
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t's a growing trend today - people are realizing that they're not realizing their full potential working for others when they could be calling the shots and being their own boss. And so, we are seeing a growing increase in business startups. Along with that comes a real need for fast and affordable help in forming business corporations. Most people who consider starting a business have the same basic questions and one of the most frequently asked questions is "Which form of business is the most advantageous?".

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As a Business Incorporation Specialist, you can point out the many benefits of incorporating, not the least of which is the the company's owner(s) are personally protected from any possible legal action against the company. In other words, if the company is sued, the owner is protected and will probably not lose his or her home and car. Being a Business Incorporator means networking with entrepreneurial groups and members of chambers of commerce to find clients in need of your services. To obtain a steady stream of calls, you will also need to place ads in your local newspapers, Yellow Pages, business magazines and perhaps online publications. Another great way to get referrals would be to network with people in the accounting sector. Many businesses start up as small home based entities but they still require someone to manage their bookkeeping for them and when they're ready to expand and incorporate, these accountants will probably be the first to know.

You'll meet with client(s) to fill out the necessary (and usually straightforward) forms required by the government. You may also assist in setting up your client's Employer Indentification Number, and you'll present him or her with a complete corporate package, including easy-to-fill-out forms for such necessary items as the Articles of Incorporation, minutes from board or director meeting, stock certificates, etc. Essentially, you'll be helping a company get started on the road to greater growth or expansion potential.

Advertising will be your largest expense. You'll also need to have business cards for networking and make sure you have a dependable mobile phone so clients can reach you not matter where you are. Your fees can range from $175 to $300 depending on the area you serve and the size and complexity of the client company. If you don't mind working day in and day out filling the same forms, this bsuiness could be just what you are looking for. If on the other hand, you thrive on excitement and variety, you may want to look for additional ways you can help fledgling businesses, such as putting together plans and designing comprehensive marketing programs.

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