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Home Entertainment System Specialist
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ome entertainment systems are really wonderful things. They can tranform a plain old boring room into your own personal mini cinema, disco or concert hall! While we used to have to be content with simple speakers over twenty years ago, today you can get ready-to-assemble home theater and sound systems that blow your mind away. People are so enamored with Home Entertainment Systems that they have become true aficionados of highly sophisticated speakers, amplifiers and visual displays. They are willing to fork out good money to transform their homes into a veritable boom box.

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If you are the kind of person who's familiar with terms like Anamorphic, Bi-Wire, Bass Reflex, know the difference between a Sub Woofer and a Super Tweeter, and you're good at hooking up a electronic gadgets and gizmos, then you are probably the kind of person who would make a great Home Entertainment System specialist. Your market is anyone and everyone who wants to have a Home Entertainment system installed in their homes. This is a business that you can run part-time. Hook up with fellow hifi enthusiasts and stores to network with suppliers. Get to know what's the latest in the Home Entertainment Systems market. With your knowledge of the best pieces of equipment, you'll come up with Home Entertainment System packages that suit different types of budgets. You can advertise your service with flyers and posters, but a listing in the Yellow Pages and regular ads in your local classifieds and HiFi magazines will help drive customers to you.

Once you've gotten customers, your next task is to procure the components needed for your clients' Home Entertainment System. You don't necessarily have to own a store or keep stock of Home Entertainment products (although that would help). You can act as an agent or distributor for numerous suppliers. That way, you can have the best of every store or brand. Remember that the difference between going to a store and buying an out-of-the-box Home Entertainment System and engaging you to set things up IS personalized service. You'll want to visit your client's home, take whatever measurements you need of the room where the Home Entertainment System is to be set up, note any peculiarities about the place and then work out the best configuration for the system. Be mindful of your client's special requests - they may have specific likes and dislikes. It's recommended that you agree on some sort of two-part payment before you carry out any assignment. The first payment should be considered a deposit for the purpose of purchasing the Home Entertainment System's components and the second payment would be made upon completion of the setup. The deposit is a necessary safeguard to protect you from fickle clients who may change their minds AFTER you have paid for equipment that was agreed earlier and to protect youself from clients who "run away" after making an order.

Becoming a Home Entertainment System specialist means that you have a large but focussed market. Your service doesn't end after setup. Since your client's Home Entertainment Systems are customized setup, they will eventually need you to do repairs or modifications to keep their systems in fine running condition. Each successful job ought to lead to referrals. Referrals from individual custoemrs will take you far, and a relationship with a dealer for service and repairs would also be an excellent marketing tactic. Increase affluence and the ever expanding entertainment and Hifi industries should keep you in demand for a long time!

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