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Rare Book Dealer
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vid readers often have their own private collection of books that they treasure. This collection of books will often include rare and unique items that are valuable. Like any other connoiseur or collector, they will go to great lengths to find the books that they desire - and that include hiring a Rare Books Dealer to locate an item for them. A Rare Books Dealer service can be run as an extension of an existing bookstore (most do it this way) or as a separate business.

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You'll need to be very detailed and organized if you want to venture into this business, let alone make it profitable. Other requirement include a love for reading, and a good memory to remember things like books titles, publishers, authors and the background of books. People who go into this line do it more for the love of reading and books than the money, although the monetary rewards often justify the effort that they put in. You will need to deal with a lot of information in this business. Fortunately, there are lots of publications you can subscribe to so that you get monthly listings of what's available currently from publishers and dealers. The Internet and book clubs can offer a lot of resources so you will want to use them frequently. Sign on with web based services such as abebooks.com or expedite your searches as well as to automate your sales. Sometimes, you'll be lucky enough to work out an even trade (and maximize your own profit on the book you're selling to the customer). Most oftern however, you will derive your income from a search fee ($10-$15 in some areas) and a sales commision on the book itself, which you will have priced accordingly to suit your own needs. The older and more rare the book, the harder it is to locate. But if you can manage to drum up one yellow paged copy, your earnings could be quite high with just one book.

It will take between $5000 and $10000 to get started with your computer and online searches. Expect to spend $1000 or so on advertising in your first year. If you are good at what you do, you could earn between $20000 and $40000 per year. The stress level is actually quite low n this field and you can search for a book at your own pace for the most part. However, you don't get paid as much for looking as you do for finding. Good part-time business for the book lover witha penchant for treasure hunting!

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