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Lactation Consultant
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ew mothers often find they have a world of adjustments to make as soon as their little one comes into the world. From diapering to bathing baby, there seems to be a thousand and one new skills that they are suddely expected to have. Among them is one of the most crucial and womanly art of breast-feeding. Contrary to what people may think, breast feeding is not as simple as putting baby to breast and letting things happen naturally. New mothers often find out the hard way that there are lots of factors that contribute to the rewarding and relationship-bonding experience of breast feeding.

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For one thing, many new mothers are frightened by the prospect of having to be completely responsible for another human being; for another, many hospital professionals are simply not well trained in teaching new moms how to breast-feed properly. As a result, there are many young women out there who are breast-feeding incorrectly - and quite painfully so. Your prospects look good for this consulting business if you are patient and caring enough to show them the way, and with hospitals increasingly being forced to release mothers and their newborns in a short period of time after birth, there will be plenty of room (and need) for outside professionals. Since many new moms like to share their positive experiences, word-of-mouth could bring in quite a few referrals. Being a mother yourself and having successfully breastfed your own babies is a crucial credential to have. This alone enables you to empathize with your new mom clients on the many subtle nuances (and discomforts) of breastfeeding.

Your start up costs are minimal; mostly you'll need to make sure you have an adequate amount of resource materials and dependable transportation. For marketing materials, invest in professionally designed business cards - something that gives off a warm, caring feeling. Your fees should start at $40 per hour, collected at time of service, although this may vary depending on your location and/or schedule. It can be stressful dealing with frightened new mothers and helpless fathers; you'll need a cool head to deliver this service. On the bright side, once you've taught the mother how to feed her baby properly, the stress level will sharply drop and you'll have three happy customers!

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