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Color Consultant
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o you ever wonder just how major car and appliance manufacturers decide which colors to use for their products? What about how fashion labels come up with the latest cool trendy hues? More often than not, there is a Color Consultant working behind the scenes - experts whose passion and job is to know the entire spectrum of colors in the rainbow. These are the folks who can detect even the minutest variation and nuance of shades that would simply be invisible to the untrained eye. Not only are they well versed with the names of every possible shade of color, they are also skilled in the color matching - the art of combining colors to produce a finish that's pleasing to the eye.

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A Color Consultant needs to have a solid foundation in the basics of colors and color matching and a strong understanding of the effects colors have on humans. The former can be learnt at most art/design schools. These skills can usually be taught, but the art of distinguishing minute color variations is a talent that cannot truly be taught. It's what makes a Color Consultant successful. Once you have successfully established yourself in this industry, you will find yourself working with lots of clients from all backgrounds. There will be individuals, cosmetics companies, advertising firms, industrial manufacturers and even training consultants who will come to your for your skills.

Working with a company that teaches color and color dynamics will probably be the biggest initial expense to become a Color Consultant. These programs usually last anywhere from a week to a month, depending on the depth of the training and may include color theory, color analysis, marketing techniques and application of colors. This type of industrial training may not be available where you are, and if that's the case, you can either opt to travel to where such training is available or find an art/design college. The training syllabus in art/design colleges may differ, but the objective would like be the same - to teach students the skills involved in working with colors. Getting some sort of certification might be helpful in the early stages but you'll find that reputation comes with experience and each satisfied customer.

One great thing about being a Color Consultant is that you don't have to be confined to an office. A small home office with the basic set up will suffice if you plan to meet your clients at their office. However if you intend to have clients drop by to see you, then you will probably need to have a nicer set up. No need to remind you that even though your office may be based at home, it's got to look professional. Other than the initial expenses incurred for your training, certification and office setup, there will be costs directly related to visual materials to use in consultations and demonstrations which can run anywhere from $25 - $1000. Consultations to determine the best color combinations to use in everything from new product launches to color schemes on walls often last an hour with the average fee being $50 - $75, again depending on the industry, individual clients and your location.

Working with people is always a challenge, but more so when it involves personal issues such as what's aesthetically pleasing and what's not (which can be quite subjective). Staying on top of the latest color trends can be an exciting challenge so if you like the idea of making other people look good and making money while doing it, this could the the right money maker for you.

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