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Used Business Equipment
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nyone who's ever had to buy equipment and furniture for business will know that it can be really expensive. Once you add up the cost of cubicles, furniture for the office and technical equipment you'll start to wonder if you have anything left for the other essentials of starting a business. Fortunately, there is a simple way to save money in this area. All you have to do is think "used".

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As a Used Business Equipment dealer, you will specialize in finding useable office equipment and re-selling or brokering them to budget conscious business owners. To establish yourself as a serious Used Business Equipment dealer, you'll need to establish a variety of used business equipment sources. These sources may include banks, movers, real-estate companies and other equipment brokers. Your network of sources should be able to provide you with a continuous stream of information about who's setting up what company, who's merging or moving and who's going bankrupt or closing down. Closely monitor local business relocations or mergers and be the first to pay them a visit. Offer to take used (and still functioning) equipment off their hands so they don't have to worry about transporting or discarding them.

As you build up a sufficient inventory of used business equipment, you'll be able to offer attractively discounted business equipment to new startups. Any cost-conscious business owner will at least meet with you to see what you can provide. If you get special requests for specific equipment, ask for time to scour your network of sources to see if you can procure one. While you should provide exceptional product selection you also need to avoid carrying excess inventory. Fast moving equipment will include photocopy machines, faxes and phones, computers and printers and furniture.

One common reservation of business owners is whether you will provide some sort of warranty cover for your used equipment. This is undestandable since the last thing they want is to end up paying MORE for repairs than they would have if they had just bought new equipment. To deal with this, you need to make sure that the equipment you procure is in good working condition. Depending on your budget, you might also have to take on a technical repair staff. This staff will look into cleaning, making minor repairs and re-conditioning the used equipment before they are put up for re-sale. They will also need to handle repairs on the used equipment that you re-sell to your customers. It may be a good thing to consider giving a three to six month limited waranty for your equipment. Also consider having a return or replacement policy.

As a Used Business Equipment dealer, your reputation will depend on after-sales service. You want your customers to spread the word to their friends and associates that you are a reliable source of use equipment. Most customers will need a mix of brand new and used equipment. To really corner the market, you could also consider being an agent for business equipment manufacturers. That way you can market yourself as a one-stop centre for business equipment needs. Expand your services to include office equipment refurbishing or repairing. Offer clean-up services to help customers get back in business quickly after fire, smoke or water damage. In addition to targeting traditional brick and mortar businesses, advertise your used equipment to small, home based businesses as well.

The Used Business Equipment is not as second-hand as you might be led to think. It's a great way to promote recycling and make money at the same time too!

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