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Property Damage Restoration
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atural disasters like hurricanes, storms, typhoons and floods are a property owner's nightmare. One hour of nature's fury can bring untold damage to homes and business property. Add to that damage caused by neglect and carelessness like fires and you have a long list of things that can wreak havoc on property. There is always a need for professionals who can repair homes or assess the damage to create and estimate and working with insurance companies to get the repairs completed.

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As a Property Damage Restoration specialist, you should be experienced in mid-range construction projects - for example construction of small homes or structures. You need to be familiar with all the tools of the trade including how to handle paints, chemicals and cleaning solutions. You should preferable also be well versed with the county, state or national requirements that govern property. This includes building and structural construction regulations, electrical installation codes and drainage laws. Unless you live in an area where natural disasters commonly occur (hurricane or tornado areas) and require major repair work, you will more likely be spending most of your time fixing walls, ceilings and floors and damaged pipes and wiring.

You could run this business part-time but that would probably limit the amount of jobs you get. Unless it's a minor problem, most panicky customers who call you will want you to be at their homes as soon as humanly possible. Since most of your work will be done at your customers' place, you can run this business from home, although you will need storage area for your tools and chemicals. Since you're going to need a lot of tools in this trade, from power drills and saws to pressure cleaners, a great way to lower your costs until you have enough business is to lease your equipment. Leasing can cost your between $150 - $300 per months as opposed to a large initial outlay of cash ($10K ) or more for repair equipment. The other alternative would be to buy used equipment. Also, depending on the types of jobs you intend to handle, you might also need a truck to transport heavy and bulky stuff like ladders and pumps.

Your charges will depend on the extent of damage done to the building, some repair jobs bill at a mere $500, while others can range between $1500 to $80,000. Adding related services like wallpaper installation, faux finishes, power cleaning and floor polishing can help to keep the money rolling in between your major repair jobs. Retired gentlemen with contruction or maintenance experience will find this can be a lucrative way to stay fit and make money at the same time.

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