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Power Cleaning
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here are some areas in your home or business premise that just cannot be cleaned with a simple household sponge or brush. Rooftops and back walls stained with fungi, slime and discolored with hardened dirt are some examples. Okay, sure, you CAN apply lots of elbow grease, get yourself a steel brush and attack those areas, but chances are you are going to cause permanent damage to the surfaces of your roof tiles, walls and any other place you're attacking. It's times like these when you need the wonder of water - high pressured water that is.

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Power Cleaning is achieved by using a pressure spray, that forces a jet of water through a nozzle. This is one of the most effective ways of cleaning stubborn dirt and stain from outdoor surfaces without subjecting them to rough scratching. While you could buy a pressure water spray from your local DIY store, it might set you back a tidy sum and budget pressure sprays may not give you the required pressure to do the job effectively. Of course the type of pressure spray you get will depend on the type of jobs you intend to take on. Your best bet would be to visit an equipment dealer to take a look at the various types of pressure sprayers which may range from cold water sprayers to heated sprayers and pressures ranging anywhere from 1000 psi to 5000 psi. If you're on a shoestring budget, you might want to buy a small DIY pressure cleaner first and lease a heavy-duty sprayer as and when you have bigger jobs. Power Cleaning doesn't just involve pointing and shooting a pressure sprayer. There will be jobs where you will need to know the types of surfaces you are dealing with, what cleaning chemical (if any) that you can and CANNOT use, and what type of dirt you are dealing with. Some dirt are caked on by extreme heat or years of neglect and will require an application of solvents to soften them. There are simple ways to learn all these things - visit your local library, ask your local hardware store staff and the best method of all trial and error (of course practising on your own property). Then there is the matter of learning to handle a job with as little fuss and mess as possible. The last thing you want is a customer unhappy that you've gotten slime, moss and dirt flying all over her home because you (or your staff) were careless.

To promote your Power Cleaning service, you might want to consider placing an ad in your local Yellow Pages, because that's where your clients are going to look first when they have a cleaning job. Then you could always leave your business card or flyers in your local grocers, hardware or DIY stores. Periodic ads in Home Improvement and Property magazines are also a good way to get leads, but like any other service oriented business, they best way is to get referrals from satisfied customers. This isn't really a full-time business unless you plan to make the necessary investment in proper equipment so you can handle big jobs like tall buildings. If not, then Power Cleaning can be an add-on service to your already existing home-cleaning of office cleaning service or Home Improvement store. The Power Pressure Sprayer doesn't need much room for storage so you can park it in the garage for weekend jobs, although you might need to consider how to transport it to your customers' homes or offices.

How you charge will depend on the type of job. You could have a fee-scale for small to medium sized homes, double storey homes, offices or you could charge by the square foot. Either way, the best way to find the optimum price is to ask around if anyone is doing this business and ask them how they charge (don't tell them you're going to be their competitor for goodness sake! ). This is a great weekend money making idea for retired gentlemen and even college students on their summer break.

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