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Sandwich Bar
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veryone needs a snack (or two or three) every now and then, especially when they're on the go and don't have time for a proper sit-down meal. So what better way to fill that empty gas tank than with a quickie sandwich? They're wholesome, nutricious, delicious and they're cheap. Plus... you can munch on them while you're on the go. Another great thing about sandwiches is that there is just NO limit to the types of treats you can put in them!

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There are basically 3 ways you can go about this business. The first probably requires the most investment - setting up a small to medium sized store in a highly populated area, preferably with lots of office workers. Second - to set up mobile push cart of kiosk (sort of like hot-dog stand) where you can either sell your sandwiches ready-packed or you could set out your ingredients for your customers to choose. Push carts will limit your menu simply because of space constraints. The third way is to prepare your sandwiches at home and deliver them to your customers. To do it this way, you need to be located near an area densely populated with hungry folk.

Whatever type of store you choose, your success will hinge on the tasty stuff - your sandwiches. Like I said in the beginning, sandwiches can come in any and every flavor and in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Finding the right menu items will probably be a matter of trial and error as you gauge what your local clientele prefer. Add local flavors to your standard items. Throw in a mix of vegetarian sandwiches if you can too. Another idea is to offer different types of bread to please your more finnicky customers.

The biggest expense in setting up a Sandwich Bar, like any other food business is your kitchen. In many countries (for example in the US), you may be required to set up a commercial grade kitchen and have it inspected by the relevant authorities before you can open up for business. It's possible to get second hand commercial grade kitchen equipment but it's still a major cost that you have to factor into your startup expenses. You will need to find out from your local business bureau and health agencies on the laws governing food businesses in your country. In the food business, your reputation (or notoriety) can spread like wild fire through word of mouth. There are lots of ways to promote your Sandwich Bar - depending on your type of setup - from printing leaflets for local distribution to state-wide advertisements in the newspapers and magazines.

One great thing about these types of businesses is that if they have great franchise potential. If you can organize your processes, secure adequate funding and think big, then there's no reason why your Sandwich Bar can't be the next great franchise, spreading all over the world and making you loads of money.

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