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Home Made Dog Treats
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ou'd be surprised that if you Google "home made dog biscuits" there will be hundreds (if not thousands) of entries. Home Made Dog Treats are a much sought after item by pet owners these days. So why would people want to buy Home Made Doggie Treats when they can get loads of them from their local supermarket? The same reason you'd prefer to bake your own cookies at home for your kids - store-bought Doggie Treats can be filled with lots of empty carbs and chemicals that might eventually cause your furry friend more harm than good. People who buy Home Made Dog Treats are likely to be serious pet owners looking for hygienic, healthy, nutritious titbits for their pets.

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The baking part is easy - just Google "Dog Biscuit Recipes" and you'll find more recipes than you can handle. There are all sorts of recipes for flavored treats and even ones for keeping your dog's breath fresh and clear. Remember what I said in the previous para - pet owners buy Home Made Dog Treats because they want quality, clean treats for their pets. Avoid going overboard with the grease and flavoring. When you first start out, orders will trickle in so you can bake to order - making batches in your own kitchen oven. But if business picks up, you might need to consider getting a separate heavy duty oven to handle bigger volumes. Although the rules and regulations governing food preparation for pets are not as strict as for human consumption, there may still be laws governing this business. If you intend to do this on a larger scale, check with your local business authorities and local councils to see what licenses or permits you may need.

The good thing about starting this business on a small scale is that you can work out of your own home. To market and promote your Home Made Doggie Treats, here are some suggestions :

  • Create a website and take orders online. This is a great way because you can bake to order and ship out your Home Made Dog Treats oven fresh. You would need to be able to accept payments online though, so you will want to consider setting up a payment processor - either credit card or PayPal. The good thing about websites is that they reach out to the whole world 24/7.
  • Bake samples and offer them to your local pet store or grocers to give to their clientele as free gifts. Make arrangements with them to place your Home Made Doggie Treats on sale at their premise. Give them a commision for every sale.
  • Place ads online, in your local newspaper or local pet-owners magazines.

A simple startup will not require much investment. You can use your existing oven. You will just need to buy your ingredients as and when you need to bake a batch of treats. Additional costs may include website setup costs, payment processor setup costs and advertisements. But even these can be kept low to suit your business goals. You can expand as and when your Home Made Dog Treats become more popular. Making Home Made Dog Treats is a great business to run from your home. You don't have to keep stock and you're helping pets stay happy and healthy while making extra money for yourself.

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