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Retirement Financial Consultant
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ike it or not, the day will come when you need to retire. For some it will come as a welcome end to the daily grind of work. For others, it may be an inconvenient truth that time is catching up. Reports say that more and more people are finding out too late that they don't have enough money saved to live on comfortably for more than 10 to 15 years after retirement. Unfortunately most people neglect planning for their retirement until late in their careers.

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Retirement planning can be an overwhelming task. It requires a frank assessment of your present and projected earnings and your retirement needs. It also involves being brutally honest with your lifestyle choices in the present and future. It can be stressful and scary when people realize that they don't have they skills and knowledge of forecasting their finances given the many economic factors that can affect the future. Som, fortunately (for you) there is a trend that shows most people need the help of a Retirement Financial Consultant to help them face the scary task of meticulously planning to help ensure that their intended post-retirement lifestyle can be sustained by their finances. This trend will continue to develop as more businesses focus on the retirement market.

Being a Retirement Financial Consultant means that you will help people plan how much to save or invest for them to be able to enjoy the lifestyle that they envision after retirement. Having experience in finacial consulting or finance industry would be helpful because you will need to have a head for figures, although there are financial forecasting and retirement planning software available now that will perform a myriad of calculations. You need to be able to take a ton of information, analyze your clients' needs and then present to them a clear, concise retirement plan. Some of the more crucial information you will need to ask your clients are :

  • What age would they like to retire?
  • How many years from now is that?
  • How much money do they currently have?
  • What percentage of current income will be needed for retirement?

A good Retirement Financial Consultant also needs to be able to emphatize with people. You are not merely dealing with numbers - you are dealing with HOW these number will affect people's quality of life in thei future. You may need to deal with a whole range of idiosyncracies, fears and likes and dislikes that are unique to your clients, so patience is a key quality a Retirement Financial Consultant needs to have. Change - even for good reasons - can be stressful and scary. A Retirement Financial Consultant worth his salt will anticipate how these changes will affect his clients and help them through it.

In addition to regular advertisements in you local Yellow Pages and classifieds, you can market yourself as a Retirement Financial Consultant by giving seminars or lectures, publishing a newsletter, writing articles. Networking with bankers and accountants will be a good idea, because they will be in constant contact with lots of people who have MONEY! You could also conduct a series of classes in your local college or community centre on how to make money, money management or similar topics. This helps to give you exposure and build your credibility, plus you never know when you might meet someone with lots of business acquaitances that can be prospects.

With a firm grasp of financial planning coupled with the ability to understand your clients problems and find solutions to them will help see you become a successful Retirement Financial Consulting. Remember that trust and confidence builds over time and your clients will eventually seek your help in their twilight years to deal with senior living issues like healthcare and housing that involve finances. Remember that every client is potentially with you for life. With an ever-growing number of potential clients, you can thrive as a retirement planning consultant until your own retirement - and beyond.

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