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Collectibles Dealer
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isit Internet auctions sites like eBay and you'll be amazed that people are selling (and buying) all sorts of things! One of the most popular categories is the collectibles section. Back-dated comic books, out-of-print novels, baseball cards and toys are examples of collectibles that can fetch prices that reach as high as thousands of dollars.

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With the Internet, you could reach out to customers all over the world from the comfort of your own home. You'll enjoy high profits as your item is up for grabs through competitive bidding. The secret to being a success in this field is to always be on the look out for collectibles. You need to recognize the current and future value of certain collectibles. Your aim is to build your inventory with as little cost as possible.

It's imperative that you know your product. Sometimes, an item that's sitting in your store suddenly shoots up in value. For example, that old recording of a singer that nobody was particularly interested in suddenly jumps in value with the singer's passing. Obviously, timing plays a factor in this business. You don't want to give away a fortune because you didn't know the true value of what you'r selling. As your freelance business grows, the obvious progression would be to set up shop. This gives you the benefit of having a physical location where customers can browse.

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