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Freelance Education Consultant
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he Masters Degree or PhD, once possessed by an elite few has today become a common requirement to climb the corporate ladder. It's also a must-have status symbol in certain societies. The number of colleges and universities offering courses of study that lead to Masters or PhD degrees are increasing, so too are the number of specializations. This is a highly competitive business and colleges are fiercely competitive in enrolling their share of students.

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As a Freelance Education Consultant, you could represent a number of colleges or local education providers. You will need to familiarize yourself with all the programmes offered by these institutions. If you're operating as a floater, you will not need to have an office. You will create and follow up with your own leads, answering your prospects questions and then recommending the course that meets their needs as closely as possible.

Because the education industry is so competitive, your commision rate could be very high. This business is all about service and quality. Your prospects have got to be convinced of your sincerity in leading them to the right course and that you represent a quality education provider.

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