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Holiday Activity Camp
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ll children look forward to the holidays, term breaks and extended weekends. However, NOT ALL parents look forward to them! Kids (especially young children) need lots of organized activities to channel their restless energy into something productive. It's also a good way for parents to have some quiet time to themselves while their kids are away at such camps.

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You'll need to plan a series of activities targetted at the children's age group. These should include physically and mentally stimulating stuff. Parents are going to ask their children what they did at the end of the day! Parents will see such camps as a great way to boost their children's confidence and help them be independent while socializing with new friends. You need to also consider what meals to serve and kiddie facilites (potties and diapers may be needed) depending on age-group.

Location is a crucial factor. If you live in a large house with lots of space for kids to run around, then you will save lots of money. If you don't then you may need to consider renting a hall. Contact your local community center or church. They may be looking for wholesome activities to promote and may just let you have the hall for a very fair price. Planning and advertising your Day Camp needs to be done much earlier so parents won't already have plans for the holidays. If you own a kindergarten or day care center, then you have the perfect setup all ready for this money making venture.

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