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Job Placement Specialist
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o you remember when you first came out of High School or college and you attended job interviews? You'd go in with great expectations only to hear the words "Sorry... you don't have enough experience". Do you remember thinking that it's all very unfair? How are you supposed to get any experience if nobody's willing to give to a chance?

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Leveraging on your wide network of business contacts, you can operate a job placement service where you will place graduates for industrial training or apprenticeships. Such positions may be unpaid or paid an allowance. If you are located in a large city or if you are very well connected in the business world, this is a business venture that you can really succeed at. You need to have great communication and organizational skills and you have to be timely in your replies to meet both the job seeker's and the job provider's needs. You'll probably find that you can't do this without a searchable database. When a client informs you of a vacancy, you need to be able to quickly provide a list of possible applicants who fit their requirements.

It's also great if you have contacts with your local schools and colleges. You could get approval to give career talks and tips on how to secure a job. You can then get participant's details. This will feed your applicants database. You might find that this business could eventually become a full-fledged employment agency or a high profile head hunting service.

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