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Private Tutor
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o you have specialized certifications in mathematics, chemistry, English or a foreign language? Or are you a student who could make straight As even while blind-folded? There is BIG money to be made as a full or part-time private tutor. It's getting tougher to get into the college of your choice and many students struggle to make the grade.

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The benefits of having a private tutor are obvious. You are able to give personal attention to your student, assessing his strengths and weaknesses, then develop lesson plans tailored to their needs. Patience is a must because you'll need to work at the individual's pace to ensure that they are truly learning. You'll need loads of creativity to make your lessons interesting. Remember, students are depending on your guidance to help them reach their academic goals. You'll have the satisfaction of helping younger minds fullfull their potential.

This business grows very fast if you're a good tutor. Word of mouth from satisfied students may give you TOO much business. This is where you'll need a network of friends and tutors. Sometimes, you may get a student who lives a distance from you. If you have a contact in your network who stays in the vicinity of the student, refer the student to him. You will need to come to a mutual agreement on referral fees. This sort of referral system will obviously work for you as well.

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