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Custom Car Art
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hile the majority of car owners wouldn't drive in a car emblazoned with a bright red phoenix on the hood or the sides glowing with air-brushed fireballs, many car enthusiasts delight in turning their cars into works of art. There are many clubs and magazines dedicated to car-art-design.

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If you have the artistic flair and the technical skills to transfer your artwork from paper to car, you will be much sought-after. As a Custom Car Art Designer, you'll work with your client in determining the best look and artwork for their cars. You should have a catalogue of designs ready for them to look over. If you're computer-savvy as well, you could take a digital image of your client's car and superimpose various designs over it to help your clients visualize what the finished work will look like.

Having your artwork zipping around town is your best advertisement. Your reputation grows with each satisfied customer. During the low periods when you're not working on any project, you could market your skills to companies who may require logos or ads on their trucks or vehicles.

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