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Paint / Touch Up Professional
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ost people take very good care of their cars but even the most careful driver won't be able to avoid those little bumps and knocks that cause dents and scratches. If you take pride in your car, you are going to find these minor flaws very annoying indeed.

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If you have experience fixing those kinds of scratches and dents, you may just be the one your neighbours, family and friends look for to restore their car's paint and bodywork. You don't have to be a mechanic to be an Auto Paint Touch Up Professional. Since you don't need expensive equipment and workshop to handle touch-up jobs, you will be able to offer your customers a low cost way to keeping their cars looking great and help maintain their resale value.

You will need to be very detailed and careful as an Auto Paint Touch Up Professional because any minor mistakes on you part will seem life a big deal to your customers. Just because you're not charging your customers the regular market-rate per car doesn't mean that they are going to expect anything less than perfection. You're going to have to have a sharp eye for colors, making sure that your paint matches their car's color exactly. This is the ideal job for the car-lover who wants to earn extra money, and in the process, help others who appreciate their car as much.

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