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Car Repair / Service Technician
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ost drivers these days regard their car as a means of getting from point A to point B. They're so busy with the hectic schedules they hardly have time to learn the finer points of auto maintenance other than the basic oil change and such. While it was much easier to self-maintain cars 20 years ago, today's computerized fuel-injected models require more specialized training.

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If you're a wizard with cars and their engines and you love the smell of oil on your hands(!) you're probably the sort of person who would regard this business as a love affair rather than a job. While you may have a thorough knowledge of certain engine models, you will need to build up a knowledge bank of literally hundreds of models. This may mean on-going training or visits to your local library and book stores. Subscribing to auto magazines and websites will give you added information.

As you start small, focus on maintenance, and leave complicated computer diagnosis and repairs to the larger dealers and garages. That way, you’ll have a limited, oft-repeated set of procedures to follow while building a loyal customer base. If you provide superior service and convenient hours, you’ll earn lots of money and lots of repeat business...

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