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eople these days are lead such hective lives that they don't have time to keep their vehicles clean. For many, the time taken to keep their cars spick and span could be better spent with family. Here's where you come in. This is one industry where you will quickly find that there is always going to be a need. Clean cars, trucks, recreational vehicles and campers is what generally everyone wants and no one has the time to do it – which is why they will come and visit you. Keeping cars clean and odor free is important when one wants to keep the value of the vehicle up, so they will pay to have their vehicle detailed when they don’t have the time.

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Customers can make appointements to send their vehicles for cleaning or your could make arrangements with dealers where to travel to their location to provide your service. Taking on jobs as they come are great but if you can secure contracts with companies to have their vehicles regularly cleaned, this will keep you busy throughtout the year.

Any competitor can do the same job as you do, so your business will rely heavily on the quality, speed and reliability of your service. The better your level of service, the more repeat business you'll get.

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