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Vehicle / Parts Procurement
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ou love cars and anything that has an engine in it. Knowing the different car makes and models is second nature to you. When someone shows you a funny looking part from an engine, you don't just know what it is, you'll know the make and model of vehicle the part came from. Plus... you know where to locate any car model or part should the need arise. It's a lot to ask, but if this describes you, then you are the perfect person to start a Car or Parts Procurement service.

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For parts procurement, you'll find your service is required mostly for aging cars or high-end models, where the local garage or parts dealer doesn't keep a ready supply. Using your resources and network, you will locate the required part quickly and have it sent to the mechanic. Speed is important. A customer who needs to wait for weeks for the part will most likely locate it on his own.

As a vehicle procurement specialist, you will need to have contacts globally. You'll narrow down in an instant, the general location or manufacturer of the model needed. You'll be familiar with all the transport and import procedures required if the vehicle is overseas. You'll need to keep a database of antique cars and their owners. In this business, networking is crucial. You'll gain a reputation (and loads of money) if you're fast and resourceful.

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