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Mobile Car Inspection / Repair
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eople today are willing to spend more money on services that will save them time. One of the most time-consuming chores out there is car maintenance and repair. Taking one’s car to the shop on a weekday or in an emergency can detract from one’s normal working hours and be a real inconvenience.

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Your mobile car inspection / repair service will be carry out regular on-site inspection of client's vehicles and provide the necessary servicing or minor repairs on site. This would probably include oil change, spark plug replacements, tire pressure checks, engine tuning, fuse replacement etc. If you don't own a workshop or have the equipment for more complicated repairs, you could work out an arrangement with a network of reputable workshops. Should your clients need to send their cars to tese workshops for repair, you could offer the additional service of sending it for them for free. The cost to you would be time, but customers will appreciate your going the extra mile to help them out.

Not everyone has time to sit around an auto shop waiting for his or her car to be serviced. Your clients want immediate and personal service and results and they are willing to pay good money for your expertise and mobility. Repeat business and referrals are virtually assured when your clients gain personal trust in you.

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