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Used Car Leasing
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hese days, everyone needs to have a car. In many countries, public transportation systems are simply not in any shape to get most people to work and back unless they live in big cities. In hot, sunny climates, its worse because waiting for public transport leaves you tired and sweaty. The problem is that car prices are rising at a much higher rate than income levels are. Sometimes the economy gets so bad that many people can not even afford to buy a new car. They still need transportation, but are not likely to have enough cash on hand to pay thousands of dollars for a used vehicle.

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Leasing a car is like renting a car for a long term period of time. They still get to drive the cars, but they have a much lower monthly payment. Some people (especially in cities) even choose to lease than to own. In other words they get the right to purchase the used car at a lower price once the lease expires. If you can open up a shop there will be a large demand for your services. That means you have to go to used car lots and purchase dozens of cars. You'll need to be able to shell out a good deal of money upfront. You'll also need to rent or purchase a car lot big enough to show off all of your cars. To save money you may choose to purchase cars from government auctions or repossession sales. It may be a big investment, but you will be helping people out and can feel good about that!

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