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Foreign Workers Recruitment
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s countries advanced economically, more job opportunities are created, allowing their citizens to make a better living at higher office (white collar) jobs. This also creates a void in the 'lower paying' workforce. Cheap skilled and unskilled labour then becomes increasingly needed. Some of the industries that require such workers are construction, agriculture, general cleaning and maid services.

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Using your network of contacts in countries that have an abundance of these types of workers, you will bring in the required people to fill the local needs. Depending on your specialized area, you will need to ensure that you comply with all government regulations pertaining to the recruitment of foreign labour. You will need to vouch for the reliability of the agent or contact that supplies you with these workers. You do not want to unknowingly bring in workers who are underaged, without the proper documents or who have communicable diseases. Such mistakes, if they do occur put your reputation at risk and can be very difficult to undo.

On the other hand, when you gain a reputation for being able to source for any type of worker from any country without problems, employers will form a beeline to your door. You'll see the real money start to roll in when you are able to negotiate long term contracts with large companies to supply them with workers.

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