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Career Guidance Counsellor
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tudents and women who go into the job market for the first time are often confused and unsure of what type of job to apply. Only a small percentage of job seekers actually have a long term career plan and are aware of where their strengths and talents lie. Even for many who have already been working for years often question why they are where they are.

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Being a Career Guidance Counsellor is something you could do, working from home, to help others realize their dream of finding the right job. You'll find the young and old alike seeking your expertise to embark on their career or to find a new career that will make them happier in their jobs. You'll find it easier if you have some background in Human Resource or skills training. You'll be familiar with the types of jobs in the many industries that exist nowadays. Sometimes, the best solution for your client isn't the best paying job, but one that offers them personal satisfaction.

Providing the answers, connections to answers and the tools to determine their personality types, you will assist them in their search for career fulfillment. You'll need to provide a listening ear and a sympathetic heart while you discuss what your clients are interested in 'doing', their positive and negative traits, and then create a plan for them to get where they want to be in life. The rewards come in the form of money and the satisfaction that you have help someone get on the road to a better life.

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