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Motivational Speaker
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ost motivational speakers will tell you that when they were growing up, they never envisioned themselves in this field. Motivational speakers are not born - they are made. They begin their careers by giving short talks to small groups. As their reputation grows, they soon find themselves speaking to larger and larger groups of people. Eventually, their speaking assignments become too numerous that they need to be selective of the venues that the speak at. If the keep at it, they'll grow to an international level with published books, audio and workshop products.

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Motivational speakers are ordinary folk who have gone through the same problems that their audience have. The difference is that they didn't let those problems overwhelm them - they overcame them. As they came out of those problems they formulated logical solutions which they translated into teachable lessons. Often, you'll find that people expect you to live to a "higher standard" because as a trainer, you are supposed to live how you preach.

If you have a background in training or counselling, and you are comfortable speaking in front of people, then you could find this to be your calling. There are obviously courses that you can take to develop your speaking ability, but people will be more concerned with content rather than presentation. After all, people come to hear you to be motivated, not entertained.

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